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Tips for academics starting their podcast

This behind-the-scenes is not too wild or hilarious (although I am both)—but rather, I’d like to build vulnerability and camaraderie with others in the podcasting space.

My podcast is about moving from perfectionism to yoga, rest, and play. I share interviews, meditations, and musings about this process. My life is fully thriving off the microphone and I was convinced that a podcast, like many before me, would be the right place and space to expand my intention of serving others.

I finished season 1 with 24 episodes, and some support from my professional organizations. I was so excited at what I had produced. I re-listened to every episode and nodded along, thinking, “Hey, I might actually be good at this.” But, of course, I got caught in the hype. The numbers, the accolades, the reviews.

Or at least for me, the lack thereof.

So, if these behind-the-scenes stories are for tips, let me stick with what I know and share some of my yoga principles.

First- I’d like to remind you that you are already enough. Thank you for being brave enough to hit record and see what happens. Try to embody that knowledge on and off the mic.

Second- There’s always time for three breaths: Breathe deeply in and out before and after every recording. When you stop recording, create a ritual to say three things you did well. Create new, positive pathways in your brain (and heart) that reinforce that you did the best you could, with the skills and equipment you have.

Third- Remind yourself of your why. Create because it’s a passion, because it feels good, and because you have a service mindset. Let go of external validation of who you are. Share pieces of you because we will never know the impact we can have on someone’s health, life, or sense of belonging.

Fourth- Stick with it, if it’s still calling to you. And either way, support (and garner support from) those who are on this podcasting journey with you. We are never alone.

Fifth- Keep a growth mindset. Consume other podcasts, invest in time and videos and newsletters from Podbean. Be a learner, so you can remain a teacher.


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