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"In order to flourish rather than merely survive, this world needs spiritual infrastructure"

— Christiana Figueres

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In the Intentional Vibrations Yoga (IVY) Collective, we are creating

Higher Vibrations in Higher Education (HVHE).

This includes a pledge, podcast, mindful meet ups, a 9 week course...and an upcoming yoga teacher training. We aim to share strategies for work-life flourishing so that we thrive as the scientists behind the science.

Take what you like, leave the rest.

Intentional Vibrations Yoga (IVY) Collective

A vision to transform academic culture, one breath at a time.

We aspire to create an academic culture that utilizes yoga principles of breathwork, moment to moment awareness, and movement off the mat and in the lab, classroom, and larger infrastructure to generate a safer place for academics to learn, grow, and thrive. 


Our mission is for academics to flourish

Through the lived reality and felt sense of meaning and purpose, close social relationships, character and virtue, happiness, mental and physical health, and financial stability.


Our offerings:

  1. A pledge – Join the academics committing to doing the work (sign the pledge form below)

  2. Mindful Meet Ups every Monday 12-12:30 ET (click to register)

  3. Higher Vibrations in Higher Education 9-week course (join the waitlist)

  4. Take the Academic Dosha Quiz (coming soon!)


Initial Goals:

Recruit 1,000 academics pledge a commitment to being intentional educators and learners within the IVY Collective by July 1, 2024.

Build online connections and opportunities for engagement.

Host a virtual meet up in Fall of 2024.


Our Commitments

Our commitments are couched within the society-behavior-biology nexus (Glass & McAtee, 2006). We know energy is transferable—or what some deem as contagious. We know that work-based relational energy impacts job satisfaction and job performance. When you are positive, others can “catch your vibe.” We also know that you cannot meditate your way out of a toxic environment. The nexus accounts for the down- and up-stream influences as well as the nest hierarchies of micro, mezzo, macro and global health. With that said:


We are committed to… doing the deep inner work that acknowledges our situatedness and promotes gratitude for the academic journey of learning, discovery, dissemination.


We are committed to… using the yoga kernels of breathwork, moment to moment awareness, and movement off the mat and in the lab, classroom, and infrastructure. We do this through myriad ways including our own person practices or invitations in group settings to center, ground, and remember why we are in academia to learn, grow, and share. Ultimately, to promote health for ourselves and those we serve.

We are committed to… Taking care of the vessels that we call our home: our mind, body, and spirit must be nurtured in order to flourish. We spend personally meaningful time away from work. We take microbreaks throughout the day. We engage in healthy practices for email and task management. We move our bodies every day. We forgive ourselves as we experiment with what works and what doesn’t on the journey.


We are committed to… Nourishing interpersonal dynamics and relationships through communication, presence, vulnerability, and support. We embrace all differences of experience and opinion. We listen to learn. We do not judge others and only share from our own lived experiences. We create healthy boundaries that serve as bridges to deeper connection and intimacy. We communicate our needs and respect that others will have different needs.


We are committed to… Participatory approaches for meaningful change. A motto of “we are not in traffic, we are traffic.” We seek to attract academics from all levels of leadership and power dynamics to ensure structural shifts at the unit, college, university, and systems-levels. We acknowledge the audacity, rigor, and challenges that this will present and forge ahead anyway.

Ready to contribute to Higher Vibrations in Higher Education?

Sign the Pledge:

Higher Vibrations in Higher Education Pledge

To sign your support for a vision of a healthier academic culture, one breath at a time:

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Thanks for being part of this initiative!

HVHE Pledge

Current Offerings

Mindful Meet Up, Starts Nov 6, 2023

Mondays 12-12:30pm ET

30 minutes of movement, breath work, and moment to moment awareness to flourish at work

Coming Soon: HVHE 9 week program

9 weekly sessions to flourish in academia with suggestions based on behavioral and organizational psychology, yoga principles, and my lived experience.


Interviews, meditations, and musings to promote flourishing at work and in life, through the application, practice, and embodiment of yoga principles. We can, together, create higher vibrations in higher education (#HVHE). Dr. Samantha Harden is a 500+hour registered yoga teacher and associate professor of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise at Virginia Tech. She brings you this work as part of her Extension outreach and expertise in Dissemination and Implementation Science.

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HVHE newsleter
Guet Speaking

I want to help you thrive!

Are you a junior faculty member or graduate student or company looking for holistic wellbeing? Is your student or faculty organization interested in learning about the multi-level health enhancing practices that meet at the intersection of yoga, anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, and organizational psychology?

Let's talk!

Experiential learning, goal setting, and knowledge acquisition through guest  lecturer or workshop for organizations or institutions. Timing can vary based on your needs.

Email to inquire.

1:1 Consultation

This work is for educational purposes only. Where I discuss chakra imbalances, these are for more acute issues. Please seek additional mental and/ or physical health expertise if any of these practices seem to be superficial or disregard a deeper wound, injury, illness, or need.    


This work won’t give solutions, but it may give strategies for you to unearth your own.

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