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Higher Vibrations in Higher Education: A brief intro

I am creating Higher Vibrations in Higher Educaiton (#HVHE) with a community in mind. I hope my words provoke conversations and provide solace. You are not alone in your struggle. Whatever the struggle may be. Although some of this work will cover topics outside of academia, as I compile it all, it’s clear that I can only share from my narrow experience in academia. That’s my lens, that’s my truth, these are my experiences and lessons.

Perhaps you are reading this as you decide whether to go to undergraduate or graduate education. Perhaps you are supporting someone who is. Maybe you’re climbing the ranks. Maybe you’re already there, with holes in the proverbial elbow patches of your tenure. Maybe you’re a loved one of mine just seeing what I kept talking about writing.

Whoever you are, and wherever you are on your journey, I’m glad you’re here. And I hope these words are just the start of one small piece of our energetic relationship.

I may not be your person. Sometimes when I write, I think, “Who would want to read this?” But if I wish it were written, why can’t it be written by me? So, I will write, write to you, with an open heart.

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