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An Integrative Approach to Wellbeing in the Garden and Beyond

FIG Program Overview

Flourishing in the Garden is a holistic approach to mind~body~land that incorporates permaculture principles, yoga principles(including yogic energetics through the chakra system), yoga shapes and breathwork, gardening and nutrition  education and is informed by the flourishing index.


We have developed a self-paced training that offers an adaptable program in order to be based on your communities needs. Please see the PARCI calendar for Synchronous training sessions where you can join in community to dive deep into the program components of FIG.


Below are all the training videos and materials needed to deliver FIG.

If you have questions please contact PARCI Lab Project Manager Megan Pullin at

Materials Needed Each Week

Program Manual
Supplemental Materials
Yoga Cards

Coming soon, almost in bloom

Dr. Samantha Harden
Your Flourishing Mentor

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