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Less than 75% of Americans meet the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. Mental health and physical health are intertwined.


Moving more and decreasing sedentary time has been shown to benefit almost everyone.


Extension has been able to directly address physical activity since 2014, but extension agents have not always felt confident with delivery. Check out PACE below! 


Evidence based programs are available to help increase physical activity and promote mindfulness and self-care.

PACE Testimonials

Jeanell & Yuji.jpg

"PACE training got me motivated to walk/run before work every day with my dog, Yuji. It helps set the tone for a good day!"

— Jeanell, Senior Family Nutrition Program Assistant - Adult SNAP-Ed

Pruett bicep curls 10-26-2020.jpg

“PACE reminded me of the importance of strength training a minimum of twice weekly for my personal health and the health of fitness class participants in my county.” 

— Pamela, Ed. D

Family and Consumer Sciences Agent

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