Week 9: Farewell!

May 28, 2018

Getting FIT for LIFE!



    As you continue your quest to maintain a physically active lifestyle, don’t forget about the many benefits of exercise…and that it only takes 30 minutes a day, five days a week.  If you fall out of your routine, remember that this is normal and does not mean you have failed.  If you need help getting back on track, remind yourself of the benefits of being active.  Here are seven; add three more of your own and make it an even ten.

1. Improves your mood.

2. Combats chronic disease.

3. Helps you manage your weight.

4. Boosts your energy level.

5. Promotes better sleep.

6. Improves strength and stamina. 

                                                                                         7. Can be – gasp – fun!

                                                                                            *Source: www.mayoclinic.com* 


Eat More Fruits and Vegetables-  Top 12 Ways (Part 2)

             Last time we talked about how to fit more fruits and vegetables into our diets.  Here is the second half of our Top Twelve Ways to Eat 5 Cups A Day!



6 Build a fruitful sandwich. Try a pineapple ring with a thin slice of lean ham, or apple or banana on peanut butter. Slice grapes for a great addition to chicken salad.

5Do the salsa! Or the chutney – find recipes that use fruit, vegetables and beans, and try them. Then share with your friends!

4Bake with fruits and vegetables. Add pureed or chopped fruit to breads, muffins or pancakes. Shred carrots or zucchini for add-ins; keep canned pumpkin on hand for breads, puddings or soups

3Start early! Include fruit or vegetable juice at breakfast, and fruit on your cereal or pancakes. You’re well on the way to 5 cups a day!

2 Pack a snack. You know you get hungry, so plan ahead. Take a piece of fruit or some crisp vegetables along for your snack. Sneak a serving of mixed dried fruit into a child’s backpack--it will be a welcome find after school!

1Stock up on fruits and veggies! It’s a scientific fact – you can’t eat them if you don’t have them. Keep a variety of tasty fruits and vegetables nearby, and challenge yourself to work them into your day. It can become a delicious, healthy habit!


Recipe of the Week



Banana Ice Cream

            Banana Ice cream is a quick, delicious, and easy treat! Peel and break into pieces, 2 bananas.  Put it into a Ziploc bag and place in the freezer overnight.  The next day place banana chunks into a food processor and blend.  The texture will become like soft serve!

*Hint: you can add peanut butter, chocolate drizzle or fresh fruit for a burst of flavor!* 


FitEx Fitness 

    Fitness Opportunities and Resources

         ~Get out and enjoy nature while you move:

         ~Fitness websites:

Team Talk; "Finale"

           FitEx may be over, but your choice to live a healthier lifestyle is life-long. Try to get together as a team this week so you can prepare some healthy new recipes, and celebrate the accomplishments of these past 8 weeks. Take time to reflect and share what you’ve learned, what has kept you motivated, and how you can continue to plan work-outs with your teammates. See if there are any differences since the last pot luck, and express how that has improved or hindered your success.


FitEx and Beyond

    Review of out 7 steps! 

              Step 1: Actively plan the times and days each week that you will exercise and write these times down in your day planner, calendar, or a sheet of paper you put on the fridge.

              Step 2: When you feel some negative self-talk about exercise, do the thought stopping technique and then repeat to yourself the three top reasons you exercise.

              Step 3: Identify a personal milestone you would like to achieve. Identify a suitable reward for yourself when you achieve the milestone.

              Step 4: Set a SMART short, medium, and long-term goal for physical activity.

              Step 5: Identify a small group of fitness friends who will help you celebrate your successes and stick to your goals. Share your SMART goals for physical activity with one another.

              Step 6: Set a time together to reflect on your successes and brainstorm for ideas that will help you and your fitness friends stick with 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity at least 5 days a week. 

              Step 7: Recall previous barriers you have encountered that made it difficult to exercise and write them down. Think of new barriers that may arise and write them down too. Get together with some fitness friends, go over your barriers, and figure out some creative ways to overcome them


Congratulations on Completing FitEx! 

You are fitter, more toned, and healthier now than when you started.  Your heart, lungs, and muscles are stronger, and your energy level is better.  Chances are you are sleeping better and feeling better overall.

 Now is not the time to quit what you’re doing.  Maintaining health and fitness is a life-long commitment. Just 8 short weeks ago we began talking about ways to prepare yourself to participate in FITEX AND BEYOND!.

Have a great 10 months and be ready to participate in FitEx again next year!



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