Week 8: Community

May 21, 2018

How to Get Involved With Your Community



     Time is short nowadays, but FitEx provides the opportunity to get active in your community! And as an added bonus, It gets your family involved too! Here are some ideas from Walk Across Texas Newsletter #7;

  1. Prepare a picnic in your backyard

  2. Plant a vegetable of flower garden

  3. Have a scavenger hunt outside

  4. Walk to a local park

  5. Start a family project

  6. Make dinner together

  7. Sign up for 5K race or beneficial race

  8. Join a rec sports team or if your kids play sports get the other teammates’ families together for a                                                                                                   scrimmage!

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables: Top 12 Ways

               How do you get your 5 cups a day? While each of us may be motivated to action by different strategies, there are some tried and true ways that help us meet or even exceed our goals. So here’s the first 6 of our Top 12 Ways to Get 5 cups a day! Give these six tips a try and see if they help you boast your fruit and veggie intake! We’ll give you the rest in the next post!

               12. Visit a farmer’s marker or fruit stand! It’s hard to say no to the wonderful color and aromas you’ll find. Try something new, and grab a favorite too!

               11. Order more fruits and veggies when you eat out! Even fast food has options- or stop only at places that do!

               10. Bank on salad. Too rushed to prepare a salad? Fix a large salad ahead of time, and


refrigerate it, in an airtight bag or bowl for quick serving

               9. Add veggies to casseroles or soups. Even canned soup or boxed pasta entrees perk up with a few colorful additions. Try  grated carrot in chicken noodle soup, or frozen peas in pasta mix.

               8. Sprinkle diced fruit on cereal or yogurt. Keep dried fruit on hand and add it often! 

               7. Veggie up that sandwich! Who says it has to be shredded lettuce? Try babe spinach leaves instead, with maybe a cucumber slice and some bell pepper stripes.


Recipe of the Week

  Breakfast Burrito


  • 1 whole-wheat tortilla

  • 2 eggs

  • 2 ounces of cooked sausage

  • ¼ cup of diced, cooked potatoes

  • ¼ cup shredded cheese

  • a few slices of tomato

  • small handful of spinach


  1. Scramble the eggs, set aside

  2. In a skillet on medium heat, place the tortilla.  Add eggs, potatoes, sausage, cheese, tomato and spinach.  Let cook for about 2 minutes

  3. Fold in half and enjoy

* Fun toppings to try; avocado, salsa, hot sauce, or extra cheese!


FitEx Fitness

               Russian Twists

                              This move works the outer layer of your abs, the obliques.  For a challenge you can do these for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, and then repeat that sequence 3 more times.  This is called a TABATA, it’s a fitness trend because it keeps the heart rate up.  30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest.  You can use any exercises with a TABATA, create your own!


Team Talk

   ~“Role Call”

               Think back to last week’s team awards that you came up with (or the characteristics of your teammate that got the award). Is someone particularly good at scheduling? Finding an inspirational quote of the week? Cooking? If so, decide on some roles for each group member that will help you and your teammates continue towards your physical activity and healthy eating goals once FitEx is over. Make sure everyone knows what their role is and understands how to fulfill their role. This way, everyone has a specific role to keep each other going after FitEx ends.


          This is the final week of FitEx, but your choice to live a healthier lifestyle is life-long. Get together as a team, prepare some healthy new recipes, and celebrate the accomplishments of these past 9 weeks. Take time to reflect and share what you’ve learned, what has kept you motivated, and how you can continue to plan work-outs with your teammates. See if there are any differences since the last pot luck, and express how that has improved or hindered your success.



FitEx and Beyond

               Step 7: Recall previous barriers you have encountered that made it difficult to exercise and write them down. Think of new barriers that may arise in the future and write them down too. Get together with some fitness friends, go over your barriers, and figure out some creative ways to overcome them.


              It’s easy to stay motivated during FitEx. You have a team goal and friends or family members keeping track of what you are accomplishing. You have also been meeting with fitness friends to figure out how you are going to stick with your regular physical activity. But even with good intentions and planning, barriers to physical activity will arise.


           Recognizing and preparing for barriers that may arise can make all the difference in your successful maintenance of regular physical activity once FitEx is over. For example, some people have a tough time sticking with their physical activity schedule when they travel. Others may have a tough time sticking to a schedule when work gets busy. One of the keys to overcoming these barriers is to be flexible and to detail some contingency plans for exercise.


           A strategy that is used to help people prepare for and overcome barriers is by role-playing through typical situations. Role-playing can involve coming up with a number of different barriers that you may encounter once FitEx is finished and then figuring out creative ways to overcome them.  Since you see the barrier before it arises you will be prepared to overcome it when it does arise. Just like the boy-scout motto: Be Prepared.



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