Week 7: Fight off that stress

May 14, 2018

              After this week, there is only one full week of FitEx 2018 left. How fast was that? For the past six weeks, we have focused on your diet and physical activity level to help improve your health. However, there are eight dimensions to health that you should pay attention to in order to be the healthiest version of yourself. Diet and physical activity  both follow under the physical dimensions of health. The other seven dimensions include spiritual, emotional, financial, intellectual, vocational, social, and environmental health. In this week’s newsletter we briefly touch on the eight dimensions of health, and what it truly means to be “healthy”. These eight dimensions all constitute to our overall health and wellbeing, as they impact our mental and physical health. 

               One topic that we mention in this week’s newsletter is the importance of mental health. In our modern fast paced world, it is not uncommon to feel stressed. However, being chronically stressed can negatively impact our health. Studies have shown that being chronically stressed suppress your immune system and can increase your risk for developing high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease. There are several ways that you can improve your mental health and decrease stress, including physical activity and mind body exercises. A lot of people getting moving and head over to the gym to lift some weights or head out for a run or a bike ride when they need to relive some stress.  Mind body exercises combine movement and mental focus and help decrease both stress and anxiety. Pilates, yoga, and mediation are three common types of mind body exercises that you can try. There  are a plethora of places you can go check to find a mediation including Spotify, YouTube, and the App Store. Maybe you go to your local Pilates or yoga studio if your town has a studio and try out a class. Most gyms offer these classes and YouTube has a tone of videos that you can watch as well if there isn’t a yoga or Pilates studio close to you. Maybe this week you try one of these mind body executrices, and let us know if it helps lower your stress level!

               Last week we talked how to get everyone in your family active and involved in your health journey. How did that go? What barriers did you encounter? What worked best for you and your family? Let us know, so we can send out some tips, suggestions out to everyone.

               Since next week is that last full week of FitEx, take some time this week to sit down and think about your journey so far. In this week’s newsletter we encourage you guys to reflect on everything you have accomplished over the course of FitEx and to think of ways to maintain the healthy habits you have created. Think of all of the tricks that worked for you and ask your teammates what helped them increase their fruit and vegetable intake plus their physical activity. That way you have different things that you can try when the program is over when you encounter a barrier and are having a hard time staying physically active and eating healthy foods.

                Good luck this week and keep moving everyone!

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