Week 4

April 23, 2018

              Unfortunately, we all know that living a healthy lifestyle can be expensive sometimes. Often times salads can be more expensive than hamburgers when eating out. At the grocery, fresh fruit and vegetables can be pricey, and organic products are even more expensive. And let’s not get started about the price of a gym or YMCA membership.

               In this week’s newsletter, our main topic is saving money! We offer a wide variety of tips that can help you save money on your weekly grocery bill and on exercising. Have you ever considered buying frozen vegetables in bulk ahead of time instead of buying just for the week? Not only do frozen vegetables last longer, but they are also cheaper than fresh vegetables. In addition the vegetables you buy in the frozen food isle are picked at the height of their freshness before being frozen, so they have a similar nutrient levels to fresh veggies. Did you know there are also several companies, like Chobani yogurt, that will send you coupons just for signing up? And don’t forget to check out the coupon flyers that come with the Sunday paper.  When it comes to exercise, try saving money by turning to Netflix, YouTube, or Pinterest; all of these sites have either free workout videos or exercise plans that you can follow to increase your physical activity minutes and met your goals!

               Every week, we talk about increasing your fruit and vegetable intake because we know how hard it is to eat the recommended 5 cups of fruits and vegetables a day.  Here are a few more tips to help you meet this goal. One idea is to make a giant batch of roasted vegetables at the start of the week, so you can have them with your lunch or dinner all week long. Another idea is to make a giant bowl of salad with a variety of other vegetables, but leave off o the dressing until the say you want to eat it (this prevents it from getting soggy). Like anything, increasing your fruit and vegetable intake to meet your daily goals takes practice and time, but you can do it.

             Wrapping up this week’s newsletter we’d like to talk about competition. There is nothing like a little bit of friendly competition to motivate you to meet your health goals. Maybe this week you challenge your teammates to a small weekly competition, or maybe even challenge another team!

Speaking of challenges, what barriers have you encountered so far? What challenges have you overcome? Feel free to share your barriers or challenges with us; maybe someone else in FitEx has experienced the same thing. If you have some advice about overcoming a barrier feel free to share it with us!  Check in and follow up with us from last week by letting us know if you downloaded any physical activity tracking app, like RunKeeper or Strava,. If you’ve found something that’s working well for you, let us know so we can spread the word!  

               Can you believe you are already half way through FitEx already? Have you reached any milestones in your journey yet? Have things gotten easier over the last four weeks? Stay motivated and keep moving everyone!   

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