Week 3: Exercise in All Weather!

April 16, 2018


Combating the Bad Weather Barrier!

               Don’t let bad weather, workout conditions prevent you from following your exercise schedule! Below are some common environmental barriers that people battle and different solutions that you can do to overcome the barrier!

~Heat: Stay hydrated, wear light colored clothing, and apply sunscreen!


~Snow and Cold: Play in the snow, making shoveling your workout, and don’t forget to dress in layers!

~Rain: Invest in some rain gear or do an indoor workout!

~High Pollution: Exercise in the early morning or                                                                                          head indoors to get your workout in!

               Some other tip for overcoming the weather include:

  1. If you have a treadmill, stationary bike, or an elliptical a rainy day is the prefect time to use it for 

    something other than a coat rack!

  2. Check out your your local parks and recreation center or YMCA and see look into group classes or see if there is a swimming pool at

  3. Go for a walk around your local mall or take a few extra laps around the grocery store when you are out running errands!

  4. If you have stairs at home, take a few more trips up and                                                                                down for additional exercise

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables: Add in Some Color! 


Eat more Fruits and Vegetables is the American Heart Association’s campaign to get people to do just want the name implies!

               We all admire the bright red of ripe strawberries, the deep green of crisp broccoli, the fresh colors of citrus fruit, a carrot’s blood orange hue. What we may not have known is that those bright, beautiful colors also indicate an inner beauty. Fruits and veggies are loaded with phytonutrients, which are the source of many of their health giving qualities.

               Current nutrition research is taking a long, deep look at the phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables, and the news is good. Even those with less color, like cauliflower or green grapes, have been found to be bursting with various natural compounds that go to work in our bodies as soon as we eat a piece of fruit or a severing of veggies. By eating a  colorful variety of fruits and vegetables each day, we are assuring ourselves of a wide, healthy array of nutrients- not to mention delicious flavors. So aim for 5 cups a day! It couldn’t be easier- or better for you!


FitEx Fitness

      Exercise of the Week: Spider Man Push-up

               Take your push-ups to the next level with the spider man push-up! When you go down, bring one knee near your elbow; be sure to alternate sides. This works your oblique’s, which are your side abs- also known as love handles!


      Exercise Test: What’s Your Exercise Personality?

Team Talk: “Lean on Me”

        It can be really though to get together with your whole team to exercise; that’s why we don’t have formal exercise classed for FitEx! It is usually much easier for a person to work out at as an individual at a time that is convenient for them. But, we also know that people who have an exercise partner are more likely to stick with their physical activity plans. It makes sense- it’s easy to cancel on ourselves, but tougher to cancel on a friend. So move away from “me-time” and get in some “we-time” with one or more of your teammates!


FitEx and Beyond

              Step 2: Write down the three top reasons you want to be physically active on a regular basis. Memorize them. When you feel some negative self-talk about exercise do the thought stopping technique described below, and then repeat your three top reasons to exercise yourself!

Last week we asked you to schedule your physical activity by putting the times down in your day planner, PDA, calendar, or just on a sheet of paper to put on the fridge. If you didn’t try last week, give it a shot this week!   


              Some folks have problems sticking to their schedule- even when it is in their planner. Things always pop up and sometimes they are more important than doing your daily activity. Most missed sessions of PA are due to lack of motivation. The lack of motivation is often reflected by the thoughts that you have about being too tried, having too much to do, or just not feeling like exercising. In sport psychology they calls these thoughts negative self- talk. These thoughts can be debilitating for athletes and regular exercisers alike.

                       One of the strategies used to reduce the effect of negative self talk is called “Though Stopping.” The general idea is that when you feel some negative self- talk sneak in, you mentally scream “STOP!” Once stopped, the athlete is trained to replace the negative self- talk with positive self-talk. Positive self-talk could be inserting a thought like, “If I do my exercise I will feel energized!” This should work well for you too!




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