Week 3!

April 16, 2018

               Can you believe it that it is already the third week of FitEx? You are almost half way through the program. How did last week go? Did you set some new goals or figure out how to incorporate more time for physical activity in your schedule? Did you increase the amount of fruit and vegetables that you ate?

               In this week’s newsletter we talk about two major topics; dealing with the weather and eating a variety of fruits and vegetables with different colors. We all know that spring weather can be wild: one day it is cold and snowy out and the next day it is sunny and mild. In this week’s newsletter we give several tips on how to workout no matter what the weather is like. Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone and try out a new indoor workout if it is too nasty to workout outside. We have posted a plethora of bodyweight and indoor exercise plans on our Pinterest page that you can try out, plus there are workout videos on the PARCI website under our Resources tab.  Don’t forget about YouTube, either. We have also posted the videos under this tab on our YouTube page. Plus, there are so many workout videos, ranging from indoor cardio to body weight workouts, to yoga and Pilates that you can try! Don’t forget about going to the gym either if you have a gym membership. If the weather is bad and you do not want to workout alone, maybe you get together with some of your teammates and try an indoor workout together. Or maybe you can all go to the gym together or head to your local indoor pool and go for a swim. There are so many awesome workouts you can try when the weather is not cooperating, so you can still get your physical activity minutes in.

               In last week’s post we talked about meal prepping; did you try it? If you did, let us know how it went so we can share it with everyone! What worked for you? What didn’t? Did you feel like it helped you eat healthier throughout the entire week? Do you have any tips or suggestions that you want to share with the group? Regardless of if you tried meal prepping or not, here are some tips that can help you out:

  • Take some time to plan out your meals for the week and make a grocery list so you don’t forget anything.

  • Keep it simple at first! Start with a recipe that you enjoy and that can be easily doubled. Maybe you try making some grilled chicken with roasted vegetables and rice when you try meal prepping for the first time.

  • Make sure you have a protein, a carbohydrate, and some sort of produce if you are prepping lunch or dinner.

  • Overnight oats are a healthy, easy option. You can make them for breakfast the night before (which counts as meal prepping) or you can make multiple containers on Sunday, so you have them for the entire week.

  • Stay organized! Label all your containers with what is inside and maybe even write the day or meal that you plan on eating it for. Also organize your fridge so you have enough room for all of the food you have prepared

  • Afraid that you will get bored with eating the same thing over and over again? Spice it up with some condiments and spices or throw some extra vegetables into your dinner on night to mix things up a little bit.

                 Remember your meal prep does not have to be too complex. Maybe you just grill enough chicken for the week, or maybe you simply prep the meat you are going to cook later on in the week. Maybe you go ahead and roast the vegetables you are going to eat this week, or maybe you just chop everything up so it is one less thing to do when it comes time to make your meals. And regardless of if you are meal prepping or making your meals on a daily basis, don’t forget to get a variety of color in your fruit and vegetables! Try to eat a rainbow of colors with every meal.

                   Did you set any new team or individual goals last week? Have you met any of your goals yet? If you haven’t met one yet, that’s fine. Keep on working towards it and don’t give up. However, if you have already met one of your goals, did you set a new goal to replace it? Every time you met one of your individual or team goals, you don’t have to set a new goal to replace the one you just met. But what happens if you run out of goals to meet? Keep on challenging yourself during these eight weeks and keep on setting new goals. Maybe you make each new goal you set a little more challenging than the goals you set before. And as you reach your goals, don’t forget to reward yourself somehow!

                   Keep on moving FitEx and keep up the good work!

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