Week 2: Goal Setting and Time management

April 9, 2018


Getting Fit: Here’s to your health!

By now you are off to a good start improving your health through physical activity and improved eating habits! Aerobic activity (aka cardio) uses large muscle groups and improves your breathing, heart rate, and circulation. As you heart becomes healthier it pumps blood to your body more efficiently.  But aerobic activity doesn’t just help your heart and lungs to work better; it also eases stress, strengths regular aerobic activity, increases longevity, and improves your changes of being able to live independently for a long time.

               Aerobic activity cuts your risk of certain disease, such as diabetes, stroke, heart attack, and certain forms of cancer, like colon cancer. Regular exercise also improves your immune system, and decrease your chances of becoming sick. So, keep doing what you’re doing, whether you’re walking, running, jumping rope, swimming, just keep moving for your life’s sake!


Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

                              Does eating 5 cups of fruit and vegetables a day sound like a lot? Probably, but it may not be as difficult as you think! Did you know, one small orange, one medium banana, or one quarter of a cantaloupe all count as 1 cup of fruit? And for vegetables, one medium sweet potato, 12 baby carrots, or 1 cup of cooked green beans each count as 1 cup. Even dry beans can be counted as vegetables!

               Keep in mind that it’s easy to underestimate portion sizes. Have you ever enjoyed a big slice of watermelon or several ears of corn at a picnic? Each of those may be two or more cups- eat both, and you’ve had 4 of your 5 cups for the day!

               Remember fruits and veggies don’t have to be eaten a whole cup at a time. By adding a couple of tomato slices here, a handful of blueberries there, and some canned fruit to your plain yogurt, you can add color and partial servings to your meal , moving you well on your way to 5 cups a day!

Check out the back of your Individual Log form to find out how to

count your favorite fruits and veggies!


Recipes of the Week

                             Try these different snacks when you are busy and you are on the go!


  1. Homemade trail mix; mix together your favorite cereal, dried fruit, and some nuts!

  2. Smoothie: mix together some low-fat milk (or yogurt for a thicker consistency) with frozen fruit

  3. Yogurt parfait: Low-fat or Greek yogurt, granola, and fruit

  4. Cottage cheese: Low-fat cottage cheese with crackers or peaches

  5. Air- popped popcorn; you can control the amount of salt and butter that you add. Add parmesan cheese for a new twist!

  6. Veggies and dressing: Carrots, broccoli, or celery with low-fat ranch dressing

  7. Hummus and veggies! (broccoli, carrots, celery, pepper

Fitting in Fitness

               In a perfect world you could get in all your exercise in one continuous 30 to 60 minute session each day. But that doesn’t always happen. Remember, 30 minutes maintains health while 60 minutes may help you lose weight!

               For those who are crunched for time, multiple 10 minute mini sessions of physical activity throughout the day can be the key to your success! Doing activity in short sessions can help you accumulate the 30 minutes or more that you want to achieve daily!

               Need some tips on how to incorporate fitness into your daily routine? Here are few;

  • Take the stairs                                               

  • Walk after lunch

  • Park further from the door                        

  • Walk your dog after dinner

  • Do calf raises while brushing your teeth

  • When talking on your phone, walk around your house, office

  • Get those chores on your to-do list done!

FitEx Extra:

Team Talk: “Timetable”

               Is this post, we are addressing busy lifestyles. These days everyone is busy and most days we can find a reason to not be physically active.

               This week, work with your teammates to build a list of reasons to be physically active. Start by having everyone send the team captain a short list of what motivated him/her to joint FitEx. The team captain can compile the list and send it out to the whole team to help with motivation when things get hectic in your life!


FitEx and Beyond

               Step 1: Actively plan the times and days each week that you will exercise or do other forms of physical activity! Write these times down in your day planner, PDA, calendar, or just a sheet of paper you can put on the fridge! The key is to stick to your schedule!


            As becoming physically active beyond FitEx, it’s important to recognize the need to schedule exercise into your life. We all have time commitments and distractions in our lives. Making time for one more thing can seem impossible, but being physically active  can determine your quality of life!

                      Research recently discovered that 10 minutes of physical activity on three separate occasions in one day, is just as beneficial as one 30 minute session! You can surely find 10 minutes here and there to get your physical activity in. Activities  can even be planned during the workday- some businessmen in even began having walking brainstorming meetings  and found that they got in more physical activity and generated some great ideas!

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