Welcome to FitEx!

April 2, 2018

Welcome to FitEx!


From all of us here at the PARCI Lab, welcome!! We are so excited that all of you have joined us and each other on this new fitness journey! Every week we are going to send out both newsletters and weekly blog posts filled with recipes, tips, and workout ideas to help you reach your health goals!


Just a reminder, Virginia is 430 miles across (and for our Wyoming participants, Wyoming is 365 miles)! This is why we recommend teams of 5 to 6.  So, if each person meets the aerobic physical activity recommendations each week of the program,  of 10 miles of 150 minutes of physical activity a week, the team will walk across their state!  And just remember either one physical mile of movement (running, walking, biking,etc) or 15 minutes of moderate or vigorous intensity activity counts as 1 mile! If someone comes to the program already active or almost meeting the recommendations, perhaps walking the perimeter of the state or walking "out and back" is an option. Whatever you do, just move more. And remember, all activity types count. Walking and wheeling are just recommended due to their low intensity and lack of equipment needed. If you ever need any sort inspiration for a workout, or don’t want to workout alone, turn to your teammates, team captain, or team agent! Ask them if they want to work out with you or what their favorite activities are, so you can meet your goal and help your team meet their goal!


Or check out the exercise videos on our site!  We have a variety of videos, that range from 30 second clips of different exercises that you can try, to 20-30 minute workouts that you can do with us! All of the videos are under the Resources tab on our main website page and can also be found in the playlist section on our YouTube channel; PARCI Lab, Virginia Tech. If you are still confused about how to count your miles or what counts as a moderate or vigorous intensity activity: Check out our FAQs section on our FitExParticipantPortal! We have posted the answers to the most common questions that we get on that page, and you can also find the links to different tutorials and FitEx Materials on the page. If you can not find the answer to your question on that page, do not hesitate to reach out to us!  


FitEx is an 8 week journey, so you have until May 27th to reach the goals you have set;  and, perhaps, to  meet some new ones that you set along the way. But once FitEx ends, you don’t have to stop practicing a healthy lifestyle or stop setting goals. Over the next 8 weeks, we are not only going to provide different strategies and tips in our weekly newsletters to help you develop healthy habits, but also tips on how to turn these habits into permanent lifestyle changes!


We want to make this journey as successful and as fun for you all as we can, so talk to us! You can either email us, fill out the contact forum on our website, or comment on our blog or social media posts! Let us know if there are certain things you would like us to post on our Pinterest page, like specific workout or recipes, and other things that you would like to see on our boards! Also, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Simply type in PARCI lab into the search bar and we should come up. But if we don’t all of the links to our sites our below!  We are going to be posting different things on our pages, like ideas for healthy meals, motivational quotes, and different workout ideas.  If you ever post any pictures on social media of your 8 week journey with us, tag us in them!


Share your favorite activities with us and other teams by using the hashtag: #FitEx2018 or #FitEx! We would love to share them on our social media pages, to show everyone how well you are doing.


We are so happy that all of you have joined our program and are ready to embark on this journey with us! Good luck, we cannot wait to help you through this journey and watch the progress that you make! 


Links to our Social Media Sites


~Twitter: https://twitter.com/parcilab?lang=en 

~Facebook: coming soon!

~Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/parcilab/



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