Week 4: Money Matters!

April 23, 2018


Money Savers

               For many people, fresh fruits and vegetables can be expensive, but don’t let cost be a barrier to reaching your goals! The same can be said for exercise and gym memberships, since they can be costly or the gym itself may be too far away. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle though!

               Do you want, need some different tips on how to save some money on your journey to living a healthier life? Here a few that we have came up with;




  • Pack your lunches for school or work instead of eating out!

  • Sign up for your local grocery store membership card. Usually you’ll get special deals!

  • Check either the Sunday paper or the internet for coupons.

  • When you can, but the store brand products! Usually they are just as good as the name brand, but cheaper!

  • Buy frozen fruits and vegetables from the dollar store (and load up!)

  • Buy things in bulk when you can. Sometimes extra cost for individualized snacks is due to the packaging.

  • Drink water instead of soda and juices, just add some flavor to it with fresh lemons of fruit!


  • Subscribe to online YouTube channels and workout at home

  • Utilize your local parks and community or even walk laps in the mall

  • Try group fitness classes for an extra boost for motivation

  • Take advantage of those FREE gym membership trials

  • Check out your local library for workout DVDS or look to Netflix

  • Complete household chores for exercise such as vacuuming, gardening, washing dishes

  • Do mini workouts during TV commercial breaks; every little bit helps!

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

           For good health, most active adults need about 5 cups of fruits and vegetables every day. How do we accomplish this seemingly simple goal? Think fruits and vegetables all day- from morning until night.

               For example, research shows that breakfast eaters routinely get more fruit and veggies than breakfast “skippers”. Enjoy pancakes with applesauce, or cooked cereal with dried fruit. Choose snakes that center on crisp veggies or fresh fruit!

               Is your family sneaking a snack while dinner is cooking? Offer some crisp veggies or salsa to keep hunger at bay!

Arriving at dinner a serving  or two short of your goal? Add vegetables to main dishes! Pasta tossed with steamed broccoli and topped with tomato sauce can add another cup or two to your total. If you’re thinking of dessert, think fruit- baked of fresh- in either a cobbler or with yogurt! Need an evening snack? How about cereal or yogurt with a banana or berries?

               It may take a little planning to create opportunities to add fruits and vegetables to your day, but it can soon become a healthy habit.It sounds as simple as it is- if fruits and vegetables are ready to eat, they are more likely to be eaten!


Recipe of the Week

         Remember those frozen veggies from the dollar store we talked about earlier in the post- why not put them to use? Here are some innovative ways to incorporate them into your  meal!

  • Add frozen peas or broccoli to pasta dishes

  • Add any frozen vegetable to soups

  • Add some veggies to your eggs for an delicious omelet breakfast (or dinner)

  • Add some to a chopped meat dish like meatloaf

  • Remember, can always just enjoy them as a healthy side dish to any entree

Water: Tap or Bottled?

               One of the most important nutrients for your body is WATER! Adults need 6-8 cups daily, and even more is needed in hot weather and with increased physical exertion. In today’s world, there are various ways to get drinking water; tap water, water filters, bottled


water, etc . Sales of bottled water have increased dramatically in the last few years, despite the similar safety and much lower cost of tap water

       You might be interested to know that a reporter from a national newspaper calculated that 8-cups of tap water per day would cost about 49 cents per year. Whereas, bottled water would cost as much as $1,400 per year. Talk about money saving strategies just by drinking tap water!

               Helpful hint: Instead of buying bottled water, purchase an eco-friendly water bottle (stainless steel, aluminum, or any BPA-Free bottle) that you can reuse and refill from the tap

               *Source: Cornell University Extension


FitEx Fitness


            Have you ever heard of a plank? It is an awesome core exercise for all levels! You can make multiple modifications to this exercise and see what variation works best for you! As the picture shows, you can always drop your knees down or lift one leg to add extra challenge! If you simply Google plank variations, you can find a plethora of other variations!



Team Talk: “Time for Some Competition”

            The past 3 weeks, you’ve seen how your teammates can give support and motivation… Now its time for some friendly competition! Create small groups within your own team (men vs women, younger vs older) and keep tack of the days that you do strength training or the amount of fruits and vegetables that you eat! You don’t need any elaborate rewards, but the small group who wins gets bragging rights!


FitEx and Beyond

               Step 3: Identify a personal milestone you would like to achieve. Identify a sustainable reward for you when you hit the milestone! Get after it!


         By now you are probably a physical activity scheduling and negative self-talk-stopping expert- that is fantastic! And you are almost half way to your FitEx goal! It may be a good time to start thinking about rewarding yourself for your physical activity dedication. There’s nothing like being about to reward yourself for something you’ve done really well.

               As you schedule and follow through on your physical activity sessions, you can also schedule some rewards for yourself when you reach personal milestones. The rewards can be little or big, that is up to you. If you can afford to reward yourself with a Hawaiian holiday, we won’t stop you. Or if you are like the rest of us maybe you will consider a shopping spree or catching the latest movies.

               Everyone has different ways of rewarding themselves. Some people go out to eat, while others rent a movie and allow themselves popcorn and M&M’s. It is probably best to avoid unhealthy behaviors as a reward for your newly found activity and healthy eating behaviors. Find something that really trips your trigger and reward yourself! It may even help as a positive thought for the thought stopping procedure you learned last week.  

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