Week 1: Welcome to FitEx!

April 2, 2018



Welcome to FitEx and congratulations on your commitment to walk across, through, or around your state! If this is the beginning of a new physical activity program for you, our blog posts will give you different ideas of activities to try, ways to stay motivated , and a variety of  strategies to make this healthy change you are making into a permanent habit- even once FitEx is over! We hope that you enjoy our posts and see them as a source of support and encouragement. We will do nine different posts covering a wide range of topics!




Trending Now: Using technology to track your fruit and vegetable intake PLUS your physical activity

           As we all know, technology is forever growing and the health industry is no exception. With all the other diet tracking, fitness, and motivational apps or websites out there, you may ask, “Why FitEx? What makes this special?” FitEx focuses on your fruit and vegetable intake and amount of physical activity. It does not count calories or give you a daily limit. Having a team captain and other team members not only makes you accountable to each other but also to yourself! FitEx can bring you closer to your team and your community as well as your health goals. FitEx is a resource designed to bring people together in a personable manner and make living a healthy lifestyle fun!


Eat More Fruits and Vegetables: 5 cups a day

               We all know that an active lifestyle is an essential ingredient of a healthy life. Another essential ingredient is healthy eating. We all eat, but how do make it healthy? Where do we start?

               Most Americas could improve their diet by simply increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables that they eat every day. Most adults think that they are getting enough fruits and vegetables, but according to the USDA’s Agriculture research service, adults actually come up short when their diet is observed. Survey results indicate that most adults think it is important to eat a diet full of fruits and vegetables, yet consumption of these two food groups has as barely increased in past decades. Thus, the “Eat More Fruits and Vegetables” campaign which is a national effort to help us eat more fruits and vegetables was created.



   The specific recommendation for the amount of fruits and vegetables that you should be eating daily depends on your gender, age, and your level of activity. Generally, most active adults can benefit by eating about 5 cups of fruits and vegetables every day. There are numerous tips to reach this goal,  and one is to make half of your plate fruit and veggies as the MyPlate diagram shows. The American Heart Association also has tips on how to reach this goal. Visit this link to see their tips; https://healthyforgood.heart.org/add-color/articles/how-to-eat-more-fruits-and-vegetables 




Recipe of the Week

     Ants on a Log: Celery, peanut butter, and raisins

     *Healthy Tip: Try to use natural peanut butter, since it has no added sugar!*


FitEx Fitness


               Warming up is an important part of any workout! It gets your body ready to move and deceases your risk of injury. Here is a short 4 minute circuit to help prepare your body for your work-out:

  1. Jumping rope: it’s okay if you don’t have one- just mimic the motion!

  2. Jumping Jacks

  3. High Knees

  4. Run in Place- try for your hardest intensity! Remember its only for 15 seconds : ) 

*Complete each move for 15 seconds, and repeat the circuit (exercises (1-4) 3 times. Rest for 20 seconds between each set*

   Need exercise ideas? Why not try some of these;

               >Walking at a brisk pace               >Dancing                            >Basketball                        

               >Hiking                                             >Climbing                          >Racquetball         

               >Flag football                                   >Jump Roping                  >Rollerblading

               >Running                                          >Aerobics                           >Tennis                              

               >Volleyball                                        >Treadmill                         >Yoga                                 

               >Push-ups/ Sit-ups                         >Stair climbing                 >Tai Chi                               

               >Soccer                                              >Walking your dog          >weight lifting


Team Talk: “Meet n’ Greet”

               Are you on a team with relatives? Coworkers? Friends? New acquaintances? No matter what category your teammates fall into, there is always something you can learn about each other! Head outdoors for a walk (remembering to increase your intensity so you are breathing harder) and get to know your teammates! Pick a couple of topics like favorite holiday, food, season, movie, or workout (yoga, biking, walking, football).

               By the end of the walk, you’ll know each other a bit better, get some good team miles for the day, AND you’ll know who you can call next time you want to head out for a bike ride!


FitEx and Beyond

               Starting a regular program of physical activity is tough to do. FitEx is all about giving you a jump start towards a lifetime of regular activity. The program is based on a number of strategies to help you become active. You are on a team so that you will have people to support your decision for physical activity, you have a common goal to walk or exercise you way across the state, and you report to your team each week.

               But what you do when the 8 week program is over? How do you maintain your fitness level when you are not reporting to your captain or discussing your success with friends? That is what this section of the blog is all about. In the next eight post we are going to give you a “STEP” to complete each week. By completing each and every step we give you, you will develop all the skills necessary to succeed during FitEx and BEYOND!



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