Whole Wheat vs. White

August 29, 2016



We have always been told to choose whole wheat bread over white bread. But, why? There never seems to be a very concrete answer to that question. You normally just hear responses like “wheat has more vitamins and nutrients.” Then you’re thinking, “Okay, that sounds right I guess.” But what specifically does whole wheat bread do for your body that white bread doesn’t.


Whole wheat bread or flour contains fiber, which allows your pancreas, as well as other microbes, to work at their best performance. Also, eating at least three servings of whole grains per day may decrease your chances of death from cancer, heart disease, and stroke.  


The reason listed above for eating whole wheat over white are also reasons not to give into the, “carbs are bad” fad. There are so many misconceptions about removing carbohydrates from your diet in order to lose weight. However, not all carbohydrates are bad.  Carbohydrates can be very important for your health. Choosing whole-wheat carbs over white is not the only health benefit to consider. Consuming a variety of carbohydrates is also beneficial (i.e. sweet potatoes, oatmeal, winter squashes, etc.).  


Your body will respond to grains differently if they are eaten in different ways. For example, if you make pasta and bread with the same flour, your body will have a different way of processing it. Some pasta requires more time for digestion and will not cause your blood glucose levels to increase as much as bread will. Also, leaving pasta al dente has a lower blood glucose level affect than pasta cooked longer. Having lower blood glucose levels will help decrease your chances of diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, or other chronic diseases.


The overall take away from this post is to consider the health benefits of consuming whole wheat or healthy carbohydrates. The fiber, minerals, and antioxidants found in whole grains (and stripped from white) can lower your risk of adverse health challenges.



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