LIFT is an
Program that can help Older Adults:

Develop Relationships

Improve Functional Fitness

Improve Emotional Health

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Full LIFT Class:

Beginner: Click on the links below to view the exercise clip tutorials

LIFT Exercises: Participants must complete the exercises below over the course of 16, 1-hour sessions before they can complete the LIFT+ Exercises. These exercises must be done in this exact order every time. Goal: Complete 2 sets of 10 within each hour of LIFT 

Warm-up: (Example)

-Cardio pyramid


Exercise 1: -Wide-leg squat

Exercise 2: -Standing leg curl

Exercise 3: -Knee extension

Exercise 4: -Side hip raise

Exercise 5: -Biceps curls

Exercise 6: -Overhead press

Exercise 7: -Bent over fly

Exercise 8: -Toe Stand 

Cool down:

Stretch 1: Tree Pose 

Stretch 2: Seated figure Four 

Stretch 3: Pyramid Pose

Stretch 4: Half Moon Pose 

Stretch 5: Back Scratch Stretch 

Intermediate/Advanced: Click on the links below to view the exercise clip tutorials

LIFT+ Exercises: Participants can complete the following exercises once they have successfully completed the Beginner LIFT© program. These exercises are for more physically advanced participants. Delivery agents can choose any 8 exercises to create a full LIFT©+ session

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All LIFT material is under copyright. Please cite:
Harden SM, Wilson ML, Estabrooks PA, and Members of the Physical Activity Leadership Team of Virginia Cooperative Extension. (2018). Lifelong Improvements through Fitness Together Program Manual. Blacksburg, VA: Virginia Tech.