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Excerpt from University of Wyoming Connect 2018
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LIFT in Pulaski
LIFT in Rappahannock 
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LIFT in North Carolina
LIFT in the Community!
Giles County, Virginia 
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LIFT in Research:
Peer Reviewed Publications:
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Wilson ML,* Strayer TE III*, Davis R, Harden SM. (2018). Informed adaptations of a strength-training program through a research-practice partnership. Frontiers in Public Health. 6:58.

Wilson ML*, Strayer T III*, Davis R, Harden SM. (2018). Use of an integrated research-practice partnership to improve outcomes of a community-based strength-training program for older adults: Reach and Effect of Lifelong Improvements through Fitness Together (LIFT). International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 31;15(2). pii: E237. doi: 10.3390/ijerph15020237.

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Balis LE*, Strayer TE*, Ramalingam NS*, Harden SM. (2018) Beginning with the End in Mind: Contextual Considerations for Scaling-Out a Community-Based Intervention. Frontiers in Public Health 6:357. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2018.00357.

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Balis L*, Strayer III T*, Ramalingam NS*, Wilson M*, Harden SM. (2018). Open-Access Physical Activity Programs for Older Adults: A Pragmatic and Systematic Review. The Gerontologist.

Work that informed LIFT:

Dr. Miriam Nelson, Tufts University
A two-stage, 12-week program developed for midlife and older women focusing on exercise and nutrition. The first stage aims to convey strategies for increasing muscle mass, strength and function throughout aging, where-as stage two places an emphasis on low to moderate activity and nutrition to prevent heart disease. The overall goal is to promote confidence and behavior changes for women through physical activity and nutrition.


Dr. Steve Ball, University of Missouri
A 10-week long program developed to enhance the health and well-being of all middle-aged and older adults. The program involves a structured strength-training program that places great emphasis on safety and participation. The overall goals are to increase muscle and bone density to decrease risk of osteoporosis and frailty, which increases the safety and well-being of older individuals.

Dr. Paul Estabrooks, Kansas State University
A 12-session program developed to promote physical activity for all older adults. With a focus on strength training, aerobic activities, and balance, this program incorporates fun with physical activity through team-building to increase motivation and self belonging. Group sessions aim to develop a heightened social setting that encourages participants to set and achieve group and personal goals.

LIFT Poster Presentations:
The Physical Activity Leadership Team won 3rd place at the Virginia Cooperative Extension Showcase for the outcome poster (on right).
Members of the Physical Activity Leadership Team from left to right: Dr. Samantha Harden, Rebecca Davis, Crystal Barber, Becky Sheffield. 
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Harden SM, Wilson ML, Estabrooks PA, and Members of the Physical Activity Leadership Team of Virginia Cooperative Extension. (2018). Lifelong Improvements through Fitness Together Program Manual. Blacksburg, VA: Virginia Tech.