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Enrollment begins: March 20th     

Program kickoff: April 2nd      

Program ends: May 27th

We offer all of the resources and supporting documents that delivery agents may need to give to their participants to help make participating in LIFT easy

Getting Started


8-week Program

Age in Place

Strength-Training Exercise

LIFT Materials For Participants

LIFT Exercises Matched with Functions of

LIFT Exercises for Daily Living


This document summarizes how the movements in your LIFT class improve movement throughout tasks of daily living.

Individual Food and Physical Activity Log

Participants can use this as a resource to track fruit and vegetable consumption and amount of physical activity done outside of the LIFT program

LIFT Physical Activity and Fruit-Vegetab

Goal Setting Cards

These "I Can, I will, I Must" cards will help participants establish short-term, long-term, and group goals throughout LIFT. 

MyPlate for Older Adults

Participants can use this form to make healthier meal choices, select appropriate portions, and meet food group suggestions throughout the day.

Healthy Snack Recipe Ideas

This flyer provides participants with healthy, easy, and affordable snack recipes. 

Fruit and Vegetable Chart

Participants can use this form as a resource to better understand how much of a fruit or vegetable is equivalent to one cup 

LIFT Certificate of Achievement.jpg

Certificate of Completion

This can be given to each participant who successfully completes the LIFT Program 

What should I wear and bring to class?
-Comfortable, loose clothing
-Supportive shoes
-Bring a towel
-Bring a bottle of water
Why Strength Training?
-Improved strength and balance
-Preserve or gain muscle
-Preserve or regenerate bone density
-Improve glucose control
-Improve endurance
-Reduce arthritis symptoms
-Enhance self-esteem and self-confidence
-Improve sleep
-Improve energy levels
-Engage in social interactions
-Lose or maintain weight

What can I expect to do in LIFT?
-Arrive 5-10 minutes early
-Each class will start with a 5 minute active warm-up
-You will complete 8 strength-training exercises
-Cool-down and stretch to finish
How do I know I am eligible?
-Determine your readiness for physical activity by completing this survey: 

Frequently Asked Questions