LIFT is an
Program that can help Older Adults:

Develop Relationships

Improve Functional Fitness

Improve Emotional Health

Bring LIFT to your community!
It's as easy as 1-2-3-4!

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Few older adults meet the physical activity guidelines for Americans. 


150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week

Full body strength training, twice a week

Balance & flexibility along with warm-ups & cool-downs

Physical activity combined with consumption of fruits and vegetables helps older adults age in place!

LIFT can help!

Become a LIFT Instructor! 
Support health and independence among aging adults in your community!


8 weeks - twice a week

In class strength training

Tracking aerobic activity

Boost fruit & vegetables

Build a healthy community

Scroll on the document below to learn about LIFT's impact, from its original pilot test to present day, and beyond!

Prepare for your success with LIFT through active recruitment of participants, creating community partnerships and being ready with equipment!


Establish a time for individual orientation to the LIFT program. This will allow you to perform functional fitness assessments and gather paperwork.


LIFT is an eight-week program, meeting twice a week for a total of sixteen unique classes. The LIFT Program Manual clearly outlines the content of each class!


As LIFT is an evidence-based program, we need you to keep the evidence coming! Through 6 month follow-ups we help hold participants accountable but also receive valuable data on what happens after LIFT.


All LIFT material is under copyright. Please cite:
Harden SM, Wilson ML, Estabrooks PA, and Members of the Physical Activity Leadership Team of Virginia Cooperative Extension. (2018). Lifelong Improvements through Fitness Together Program Manual. Blacksburg, VA: Virginia Tech.