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8-week Program

Age in Place

Strength-Training Exercise


We offer each instructor the resources and support to make launching LIFT easy

Program Manual


A step by step guide to delivering LIFT

LIFT Materials


Delivery contract, recruitment materials, and more

Video tutorials


Video guides to the LIFT exercises

Impact Statement


Upon completion of program, LIFT Program manager will provide impact statement


Program Manual

Pages from LIFT Program Manual 7-19-18.j

LIFT Program Manual

A full program manual with guidelines from recruitment to evaluation. Find forms and suggestions related to program sessions, recruitment, and pictures of exercises.

Fill too large for posting, click to request access via email.

LIFT Checklist - SS_Page_1.jpg

LIFT Instructor Fact Sheet and Forms Checklist


A two page summary protocol document containing basic start up instructions for beginning a LIFT program in your community.


LIFT Exercises Matched with Functions of

LIFT Exercises for Daily Living


This document summarizes how the movements in your LIFT class improve movement throughout tasks of daily living.

LIABILITY: In the rare case of an incident or accident, please complete the following steps: 

   1. Call authorities as needed, do not perform any health or medical procedures you are not authorized to do

   2. Complete incident/accident report (link here)

   3. Inform your district director and Samantha Harden 

   4. Follow-up with participant 

   5. Keep record of all interactions and updates

*Reminder keep all liability waivers at your respective office. All participants are participating at their own risk; no liability for the agent or building. This is a community program

LIFT Materials

Recruitment Resources


Adaptable recruitment fliers, emails, facebook posts, etc. for advertising LIFT throughout your community. These resources can be personalized with your contact information.

Participant Program Details

This form provides the date, time, location, and information regarding the programs and is to be distributed during recruitment to participants

LIFT Equipment Purchasing_Page_1.jpg



This document will provide you with information in regards to where and how much equipment to purchase for LIFT

Cardio Pyramid

An example of a quick, full-body, active workout that can be done concurrently with LIFT.

Participant Consent Form


All participants must complete this form acknowledging that they understand and agree to the ongoing research and potential risks associated with LIFT. Please distribute to your participants and return to the program manager.

Sign in sheet

For participants to sign in upon the arrival of LIFT class to track attendance.

FFA Protocol_Page_1.jpg

Functional Fitness Assessment Instructions


Within this form, instructors can read how to conduct each functional fitness test and what equipment is needed. 

Functional Fitness Assessments


Forms for Functional Fitness Assessments. Please complete pre-program, post-program, and 6 months post-program and return to the program manager.

Video Tutorials

Physical Activity Readiness Question (PAR-Q+)


All Participants must complete a PAR-Q+ prior to starting the LIFT Program

LIFT_Process Evaluation_Page_1.jpg

Weekly Process Evaluations

These forms are to be filled out by instructors after each session.  They can be sent to the program manager weekly or all together at the end of the LIFT program.

Physician Authorization Form 

If participants answer 'Yes' to any of the questions in the PAR-Q, they must have a physician sign off on them participating in the LIFT Program

Exercise Modifications

Exercises to cue or suggest for those with limited mobility.

Self-Report Evaluation

Track participant behaviors and perceptions before, during and after the program to create a rich picture of the impact of LIFT

LIFT Pre-Program Survey


Please distribute to your participants before the start of LIFT. Return surveys to the LIFT program manager.

LIFT Post-Program Survey


Please distribute to your participants at the completion of LIFT. Return surveys to the LIFT program manager.

If you would like general tips on instructing physical activity in Cooperative Extension, please click here

LIFT 6-Month Follow-up Survey


Please distribute to your participants 6-months after the completion of LIFT. Return surveys to the LIFT program manager.

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