LIFT is an
Program that can help Older Adults:

Develop Relationships

Improve Functional Fitness

Improve Emotional Health

Each of the 16 LIFT classes are unique and engaging!

All 16 LIFT classes are outlined in the LIFT Training Manual. The design of classes is evidence-based, pulling from social psychology and exercise science.

  • 8 Core Strength Training Exercises

  • Group Dynamics to facilitate communication and help form relationships 

  • Promotion of increased fruit and vegetable consumption

  • Encouragement to get out and move, 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity each week

Return process evaluation and post program functional fitness assessment to PARCI Lab.

This form is for participants to use and keep. 

Ask participants to bring this form to each class so you can track progress, encourage improvements and celebrate their positive changes! This form is designed for speed and ease of use for older adults.

Keep us informed!