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Higher Vibrations in Higher Education:

Yoga and Writing Retreat

April 27th- May 4th, 2024


“Radically transform your writing practice by taking away stress and anxiety and adding momentum and joy.”


Thank you for your interest in the inaugural Higher Vibrations in Higher Education (HVHE) writing and yoga retreat. We are confident this will be an incredible immersive experience for you.

Through partnership with Bodhi Tree Yoga Spa, we aim to provide transformation, quietude, and connection… and a bit of luxury for your rejuvenation.


Below we have outlined some retreat offerings, FAQs, and payment expectations.


Our contact information

Samantha Harden


P: +1 540-838-5075)


Natalaya Androsova


P: +1 416 972 0510


Bodhi Tree Front Desk



*WhatsApp is best while in country


Program Costs: $2600, which includes:

  • 7 nights stay in the world-famous Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

    • Rooming options

      • There are 5 jungle rooms (with two full beds, shared, and one bathroom)

      • There are 2 queen jungle rooms (just one queen bed, living space, bathroom). There is a $600 upcharge for this space.

  • 3 incredible buffet meals per day

    • Each day consists of a cuisine theme. Coffee, tea available.

    • Buffet is open most of the day, exact times tba

    • Additional options, not included

    • Please send any dietary restrictions to Samantha by March 15th.

    • Shuttles to and from Bodhi will be coordinated on your behalf so you can arrive and depart with ease (Liberia, CR to Nosara and Nosara, CR to Liberia)

    • Golf cart to beach

    • Bicycle rentals

    • Three optional yoga classes that will focus on a chakra theme of the day:

      • Grounding,

      • Being in flow and generating ideas

      • Strength through adversity

      • Open heartedness and self-compassion

      • Speaking your truth,

      • Listening to your intuition

      • Surrendering to the unknown

    • Please let us know if you want any 1:1 sessions

    • Two optional group check-ins each day to discuss your progress, remove any obstacles, and discover new writing strategies and solutions

    • Ability to book a 1:1 session with a coach in order to:

      • Find a clear direction when you feel stuck

      • Organize your writing process

      • Develop a healthy and enjoyable practice

      • Get feedback on your approach

      • Learn ways to monitor your progress

      • Synthesize your ideas

      • Find a better structure

  • Please note, this does not include:

    • Additional excursions: All additional excursions can be booked at the front desk

    • Flight: You need to book your flight separately. You are financially responsible for any missed or canceled flights.We suggest travel insurance or refundable tickets as needed.

    • Gratuities: 10% is customary in Costa Rica

    • Additional food or beverages:

      • A smoothie bar and bar for lite fare are open in the interim

      • Espresso and alcoholic beverages

About Nosara

Nosara includes 4 breath-taking beaches each with its own unique features:  Playas Guiones, Pelada, Ostional y Garza. The latter two are a bit farther and the former two are within < 15 min walk/ride/tuk tuk distance. There is a “jungle path” about 2 min from Bodhi that connects you to town for all shopping needs: bank, grocery, souvenirs, clothing, pharmacy, etc. with the big “Nosara” sign.


About Bodhi

“The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort was creatively designed around nature, leaving the surrounding jungle as it was meant to be. We continuously strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible by preserving the jungle’s natural state, leaving the impression that Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort has been here for many years.

Here at Bodhi Tree, we take water management very seriously. We make sure every drop of water is used efficiently and sparingly. We’ve built our own water treatment plant, so no water is wasted. The water from our treatment plant is used to irrigate the gardens, keeping our lush grounds green without draining subcutaneous water supplies. We utilize the sun with solar panels to heat all the hot water required for the resort. We are also very proud to be a plastic free facility. Through education and consistent effort, we’re working to make Bodhi Tree a consciously green and environmentally friendly resort.”

Bodhi Spa Note: If you plan to book, you can if you would like any spa treatments, I would recommend calling 2 weeks in advance.  

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What will the weather be like in late April to early May?

27.1°C | 80.8°F- 31.5°C | 88.7°F


  • I might have some work to do, what’s the reception like?

The resort has perfect reception and a backup generator.


  • Are travel days built into April 27-May 4th or do I need to account for travel time?

Our expectation is that folks will

Please see general schedule below.


April 27th- Arrivals, easy rest day, meal, open shala (yoga space) available for anyone who wants self-guided movement


August 28th-May Options highlighted in the photo 


May 4th- Most departures, check out at 11



  • Around what time would we be at the airport on the last day?

It's a 2.5-3 hour shuttle from Nosara to Liberia CR. I think easiest is to have a > 12pm flight on Saturday. Saturday check out is kind of wild, so most people leave (there's a big exodus at 7:30, 9, 10:30, 12pm). You could also transition to like a Holiday Inn by the airport since a) it's not likely you could stay in your room (they are usually Sat-Sat bookings) and b) it would get you closer to the airport for the longer day. 


  • Are there any excursions planned? Or could we go and explore on our own?

We would not coordinate any but there are a lot of incredible ones we would recommend. Most of the tours offered by Bodhi are in the attached pdf file!


  • I speak zero Spanish (I want to learn a few phrases before I go), will I need a translator?

Most people who work with/interact with tourists have proficient English. The "tuk tuk" drivers (like mini open air taxis) can converse about locations and prices. I did not know any Spanish on my first trip.


  • Is the resort within walking distance to the closest town and/or beach?

Yes, it's a perfect location. You are on a hill, so you cannot hear the sounds of town or the road but you are a 3 minute golf cart (free ride); 10 min bike ride; 20 min walk to the beach and you are a 10/20 min walk (depending on going to south or north Guiones); 2 min tuk tuk or 5 min bike ride to town. Bikes and golf carts are available for free whenever you want them. Tuk tuks to town and back are about $5 each


  • Any packing suggestions?

  • Bring a separate photo copy of your passport (there are safes in each room)

  • Easy flip flips for molasses and dirt roads

  • All prescriptions, with the script, in original bottles for customs

  • Organic/coral reef friendly sunscreen

  • Bug spray

  • Day bag

  • Water bottle


Who we are:

Samantha M. Harden, PhD, the Director of the Physical Activity Research and Community Implementation (PARCI) Laboratory within the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise at Virginia Tech. I am also a 500-hour registered yoga teacher and the state specialist for physical activity promotion within Virginia Cooperative Extension. I have 12 years of experience leading and participating in research-practice partnerships for healthy lifestyle interventions across various populations for chronic disease prevention and management at the individual and systems level. But, my relentless pursuit of perfectionism made me successful, but perhaps less healthful. Yoga practices of mindfulness, breath work, and movement changed the course of my life. These three components are known as the yoga kernels for public health. Yoga can promote flourishing (personal, professional, and communal well-being) and longevity (healthy aging). All our individual-level health behaviors, however, are couched within the community-- our workplace is a community in which we spend a lot of time. I aim to share the science, philosophy and practice of these multi-level approaches to health and wellness so that, together, we can flourish. 

Natalya Androsova, PhD, is an author of four non-fiction books, as well as an award-winning writing and dissertation coach with over two decades of teaching and coaching experience. She has coached professional writers and university writers of all skill levels–students, staff, and faculty. Her passion is helping writers become more courageous, authentic, and kind to themselves. Through individual coaching, writing groups, and writing retreats, she has helped hundreds of writers to break through blocks and find inspiration, a more authentic voice, and a greater freedom in their writing and their life. She lives in Toronto, Canada, and when she is not writing or meditating, she loves to play tennis, practice yoga, or sit by the water and cloud watch for hours.In her own writing practice, spanning three decades, she discovered that beliefs we have about our writing are not different from the beliefs we have about ourselves, so a new way of writing often translates into a new way of living. What was impossible becomes probable and even likely when we learn to write and live without fear.




About Natalya’s approach to writing:

“I am AMAZED by the progress I have made... Last year, I had a major depressive episode that stalled my academic progress for many months. This retreat enabled me to give myself the freedom to just write in a positive and supported environment. I now feel confident that I WILL finish my degree, which brings me a tremendous feeling of pride and pure joy.”


“The community of learners was very helpful and motivating. Also, it was very beneficial to have follow-up sessions that were designed organically. I've never felt such great support in my writing process.”


“Natalya’s wisdom and guidance has helped me develop so much as a writer and as an individual thinker. She has empowered me to find my voice and express my ideas in my writing. She has taught me ways to learn about my working style so I am not only more productive, but also so that I have a healthier, joyful, and fulfilling relationship with my work. I strongly recommend that this program be expanded to support graduate students more in their final and critical stages of their PhD.”



About Samantha's approach to yoga in academia:

"Samantha is an incredible yogic practitioner and teacher. What she is capable of because of her care for others, deep knowledge of the physical mechanics of the human form, and ability to convey with grace and humility."


"Dr. Harden helps to uncover the human element behind the never-ending task-lists and looming deadlines in academia/research and reminds us to take care of ourselves for truly great outcomes."

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