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Learn more about the FitEx program by viewing this short promotional video! 
Having issue tracking? Feel free to download the PDF version of the tracking sheet. You can then share your tracking information with your FitEx facilitator who will enter your update on your behalf.

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Less than 50% of adults are meeting the current recommendations for aerobic physical activity. Fewer meet strength training recommendations.

Less than 30% of adults are meeting the current dietary guidelines for fruits and vegetable

Chronic disease, including obesity, is responsible for more than 70% of health care costs


We offer FixEx: an evidence-based, 8-week online program to promote physical activity and fruit & vegetable tracking.

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FitEx is inclusive of all people, including those with a range of physical and intellectual abilities. Any bodily movement (physical activity) at a 15 minute duration counts as a "mile" of activity. Please speak to your healthcare provider if you have questions about safe and appropriate activities for you and/or your team members. Please contact the research team to discuss any needs for yourself or a team member.

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